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Territorial cohorts

Territorial cohorts are designed to bring the EVO2030 program into a community to make a concrete contribution to a geographic region's trajectory by bringing together different socio-economic actors. This type of cohort fosters synergies between organizations, increases the potential for local benefits, and brings together focuses the efforts of multiple actors in a proactive and dynamic manner.


Fully integrated into Montreal's economic ecosystem, Développement économique Saint-Laurent is a key partner for Saint-Laurent’s manufacturing companies. Our expertise also benefits the development of an innovative industrial fabric in Montreal and across Quebec. For many years, DESTL has been offering services to businesses to support them in their green shift.
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Sectoral cohorts

Sectoral cohorts are designed to implement the EVO2030 Program in a specific industry for collaborating in the advancement of innovative practices in the field. This type of cohort allows us to better understand the challenges of an industry, to tackle mutual advancement opportunities and to accelerate the achievement of collaborative, innovative and sustainable projects within that sector.


CTT Group is a non-profit organization specializing in applied research, development and analysis in the field of technical textiles, geosynthetics and advanced textile-based materials. The deployment of a sectoral cohort among its business members aims for the textile industry to be at the forefront of innovative and sustainable business practices.
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Ongoing cohort

The ongoing cohort empowers companies to participate in the EVO2030 Program on an individual basis. This type of cohort offers three annual launches ( in February, June and October) for organizations to focus their efforts on becoming sustainability leaders.


Founded in 2013, COESIO is a consulting firm specialized in global strategic planning, sustainable
practices, operational efficiency, and sustainability reporting. Our team of experts works closely with leaders and their teams to accelerate capacity building or knowledge acquisition that will enable their organizations to gain a lasting advantage, seize new opportunities and improve their global performance. We help our clients make better decisions, integrate sustainability into their organization and create innovative solutions.
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We help our clients make better decisions, embed sustainability in their organizations and create innovative solutions.
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