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The EVO2030 Program is based on more than fifteen years of research and development by COESIO on strategic planning in sustainable development with companies that make up the majority of the economic fabric of Quebec and Canada. Today, COESIO is proud to offer this innovative program to business leaders aiming to bring sustainability to the core of their business practices.

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Founded in 2013, COESIO is a consulting firm specialized in global strategic planning, sustainable
practices, operational efficiency, and sustainability reporting. Our team of experts works closely with leaders and their teams to accelerate capacity building or knowledge acquisition that will enable their organizations to gain a lasting advantage, seize new opportunities and improve their global performance. We help our clients make better decisions, integrate sustainability into their organization and create innovative solutions.

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Email: contact@coesio.com

Telephone: 1 514 978-0511

Address: 5685 Saint-Laurent Blvd., suite 103, Montreal H2T 1S9, Quebec Canada

Website: www.coesio.com

We help our clients make better decisions, embed sustainability in their organizations and create innovative solutions.
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