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2030 Agenda

Our planet is facing major economic, social, and environmental challenges. To tackle them, the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) define the global priorities and aspirations for 2030. Their purpose is to focus everyone’s efforts on a common set of targets and objectives to be achieved collectively. They represent an unprecedented opportunity to eradicate extreme poverty and set the planet on the path to sustainability. Governments around the world have already agreed on these goals.

It is now up to organizations to take action and use their creativity and their capacity for innovation to meet the challenges of sustainable development. These goals, which are integrated into the EVO2030 program, allow you to communicate the impact of your organization's own initiatives, both locally and internationally.

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Participate in EVO2030

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals

The SDGs are a global call to action to address the major challenges facing our planet. This framework sets out global priorities and aspirations for 2030 and aims to achieve a sustainable, resilient and inclusive society.  
Economic growth must be inclusive to provide sustainable jobs and promote equality.
Eradicate hunger, achieve food security, improve nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture.
Ensuring healthy lives and promoting the well-being for all at all ages is essential to sustainable development.
Quality education is the basis for improving people's lives and sustainable development.
Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls.
Clean, accessible water for all is an essential part of the world we want to live in.
Sustainable energy is an opportunity to transform lives, economies and the planet.
Shared economic growth can create decent jobs for all and improve living standards.
Investing in infrastructure is essential for achieving sustainable development.
GOAL 10:
Reduce inequality within and among countries.
GOAL 11:
Make cities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.
GOAL 12:
Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns.
GOAL 13:
Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts.
GOAL 14:
Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources.
GOAL 15:
Sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, halt and reverse land degradation, halt biodiversity loss.
GOAL 16:
Peaceful, just and inclusive societies are necessary to achieve the SDGs.
To develop strong and inclusive partnerships for sustainable development.

EVO2030 Framework

While the next decade will be fully dedicated to achieving the SDGs, companies are still struggling to integrate these goals and their 169 targets into their business strategies. Given this challenge, the EVO2030 Program offers a solution to operationalize the SDGs through an assessment grid for the managerial maturity of organizations. The grid is organized into four (4) dimensions, twenty-three (23) issues and four (4) maturity levels, allowing your organization to contribute to the SDGs while being aligned with the best international sustainability standards.
Standards and influences
Taking into account over ten international frameworks and standards (SASB, GRI, BNQ 21000, ISO 26000, etc.)
Ongoing integration of sustainability principles and regulations from North America and Europe.
EVO2030 assessment grid
4 main dimensions
23 issues
4 evolution levels
Thousands of resources identified

Best practice - templates - management and performance indicators - available resources
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Structure of the Program

The Program is driven by an integrated approach to sustainable development, including: a 360-degree diagnosis of organizational issues; a strategic planning phase leading up to 2030; implementation support for a first action plan targeting operational efficiency; and results promotion through a reporting process based on the 17 SDGs.
The integrated approach is offered in parallel with five areas of action.
These areas are used to perform initial assessments, define technical projects, examine best feasibility scenarios, develop a realistic roadmap for annualized impact reductions and, above all, accelerate your organization’s trajectory by maximizing short-, medium- and long-term returns.
The integrated approach and 5 areas of action
EVO integrated approach
Put sustainable development at the center of your business strategy.

The integrated EVO approach allows you to anchor the principles of continuous improvement in sustainable development while being aligned with relevant international standards.

Main deliverables:
› 360-degree diagnosis of organisational issues
› Five-year strategic plan
› Sustainable development charter
GHG & energy optimisation
Become a climate leader and seize the opportunities of the 21st century.

Working within the area of GHG and energy optimization will make you a key player in Quebec's green recovery while identifying transformational opportunities for your company.

Key deliverables:
› GHG emissions calculator
› Carbon neutrality roadmap
› Energy profile and clean technology implementation opportunities
Waste management & circular economy
Maximize your waste recovery by integrating circular economy principles into your business model.

The Waste management and circular economy area will give you the opportunity to assess your waste management practices, to achieve gains through waste recovery, to increase your efficiency and to integrate circular economy into your business model.

Main deliverables:
› RMM calculation, analysis and monitoring tool
› RMM and recovery roadmap
› Waste management policy - 4R's
Local responsible procurement
Improve your understanding of value chain issues and reduce your procurement risks.

With this area of action, you can align your procurement practices with sustainability principles to solidify your business relationships and reduce the environmental footprint of your suppliers.

Main deliverables:
› Responsible procurement policy
› CSR supplier evaluation survey
› Internal deployment procedure.
Life cycle
Stimulate innovation, limit the impact of your products and services, and aim for new competitive advantages.

The area of action on life cycle allows you to assess your organization's performance from a life cycle perspective and identify ways to reduce your impact.

Main deliverables:
› Product/service life cycle factsheet
› Analysis of stakeholder expectations and opportunities
› Lifecycle action plan
Support & ad-hoc tools
Complete the EVO2030 Program with a specific need to improve your overall performance.

The Ad-Hoc support & tools area lets you target transformative projects that are specific to your context and aim for world-class performance.

Key deliverables:
› Tools tailored to your context
› Alignment with international standards
› Access to high quality expertise
Participate in EVO2030

Benefits of the EVO2030 Program

The EVO2030 Program will enable your company to better understand the sustainability issues that affect it directly, to be proactive in addressing the global climate crisis, to take into account the environmental and social impacts of business activities, and to better frame the path forward with innovative or proven solutions.
The EVO2030 Program also helps to better respond to the expectations and concerns of your various stakeholders (customers, communities, contractors, suppliers, employees, shareholders, etc.), and to review specific aspects of your business model. In short, it is a comprehensive support for the creation and implementation of a credible and ambitious organisational approach, that will lead your organization towards sustainability.
Improving your environmental performance
  • Reduction of GHG emissions through efficiency and clean technology projects;
  • Reducion of the environmental impact of products using a life cycle approach;
  • Building the resilience of your supply chain;
  • Reduction of energy needs;
  • Decrease in the amount of waste sent to landfill;
  • Improvement of pollutant management;
  • Integration of innovative circular economy projects;
Building new competitive advantages
  • Improvementt of reputation and corporate image;
  • Reduction of expense items (energy, raw and waste materials, water, etc.);
  • Business model improvement based on the life cycle approach;
  • Reduction of risks related with climate change;
  • Opportunities to attract new clients sensitive to sustainable development;
  • Alignment with Quebec and CanadianGHG reduction targets;
  • Attraction of candidates interested in your values in a context of labour shortages.
Enabling organizational change and innovation
  • Promotion of proactive management and integrated corporate plan up to 2030;
  • Recording of your actions and promotion of the results;
  • Launch and guidance of your committee consisting of internal stakeholders;
  • Increase of employee efficiency, commitment and productivity;
  • Improvement of supplier relationships;
  • Increased well-being of employees and collaborators.

Program Registration

Companies that qualify for the EVO2030 Program are invited to fill out the EVO2030 form at the bottom of this page to receive the brochure, get in touch with the experts, and begin the five-step registration process.
Being a legally constituted for-profit organizationregistered with the R.E.Q.
Having a decision-making place of business in Quebec
Employing a minimum of 30 full-time resources
Being able to provide a realistic budget to carry out the mandate (which can be subsidised)
5-step registration process:
1 - Registration
2 - Assessment of your application
3 - Interview and mandate clarification
4 - Signing of agreements
5 - Program launch
EVO2030 Form

EVO2030 Form

You will receive the date of the information meeting and a preparation questionnaire within 72 hours of your request.
Number of spots per cohort is limited
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Partnerships and funding

Only through local, national and international cooperation can the UN's SDGs be achieved. Thus, the EVO2030 Programme is partnering with the Accelerate 2030 movement to respond directly to Goal 17 - Partnerships for Achievement - to provide a pragmatic and facilitating framework for business to move towards 2030.
Accélérer 2030 pour le Québec is a consortium of citizens and organizations committed to advancing the seventeen (17) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to guide Quebec's prosperity by 2030.
Financing from the Ecoleader Fund
With an envelope of $18.5 million, the Écoleader Fund financing program allows you to hire experts to support you in the implementation of sustainable practices (SP) or to prepare you for the adoption of clean technologies. SP projects can receive up to $40,000. The total contribution from government funds can add up to 75% of eligible expenses. COESIO is one of the experts in sustainable business practices and clean technologies registered with the Ecoleader Fund directory.
Satisfied customers
"We were looking to structure our ambition to become a sustainability leader in our industry, involve our internal and external partners in a highly motivating project and aim for credibility through sustainability management certifications. COESIO has exceeded our expectations by deploying a professional team of consultants and analysts in order to reduce the effort required for our internal resources, while maintaining a competitive cost."
Donald Pelletier - VP Finance at PolyExpert
"From adopting a thought process that integrates sustainable development principles, to developing strategies that maximize the benefits for our organization while contributing to the UN's sustainable development goals, and mobilizing our whole team in the resulting organizational changes, COESIO's team has shown great strength in its approach and their role as facilitators is still greatly appreciated today."
Ludvick Desjardins - VP General Manager at Northrich
"This support was a major boost to our organization's strategic thinking. COESIO's consultants were true guiding figures throughout the process. Their expertise, supported by a structured method and innovative tools, was a stepping stone in the development of our global strategic planning. Their innovative approach helped us to think through our strategy in depth and to develop high-quality deliverables while having a lot of fun at each workshop."
David McFaul - General Manager at Geep Canada Inc.
"Their support helped us to engage in a meaningful dialogue about our economic, social and environmental impacts. This allowed us to define a strategy that is aligned with our company's values and ambitions. In addition, the team's expertise and genuine passion for all aspects of sustainability and CSR was very clear throughout the process."
Stacey Masson - VP Marketing & Communications at COSSETTE Communication Group
"COESIO's team has allowed us to develop a solid foundation in sustainability management and to implement a structure, a roadmap and management tools that will allow us to maintain our position, influence our market and be an active contributor to sustainable development."
Marie-Josée Mercier - General Manager at Lunetteries New-Look
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